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So glad you stopped by. I am Sandy Kaye and I just love music and the people who make it. Like most people, I am particularly into the music I grew up with, the soundtrack of my own life.

It is the music of the 70's and 80's that takes me back. The Blues and R&B speak to my soul. My taste is a little eclectic and I try to feature the tunes that really move me in some way or another.

As a journalist I also love a good story, so if I can combine a great story with some fabulous music, then I am in heaven.

A Breath of Fresh Air is my passion project. I research, produce and present on an on-going basis and spend quite a lot of time tracking down and chatting to the people who make the music. I am so happy to share their stories with you. I enjoy hearing where they have come from, what lies behind the music, what they are doing now and all their tales along the way. I really hope you do too.

ABOFA began as a covid project. It is now a national weekly hour-long show that broadcasts on radio stations across Australia as well through several stations internationally.

I am so grateful to you for tuning in.

If you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch, I would really love to hear from you.

A wise man once told me that "if you can find a way to do what you love, you will love your work" He was right. I hope you enjoy A Breath of Fresh Air as much as I love creating it.

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I've been working in the radio biz over the last decade at the ABC, Triple M, Mix 102.3 and FIVEaa.

So its time to do my own thing and as music and talk IS my thing, I'm bringing the stories behind the songs that make you move and the stories surrounding the song and the musician that will "move you" in a brand new Podcast.

Join this weekly podcast as I breathe a little life into some of the favourite interviews people have asked me about with the artists we all know and love, plus I'll bring you something new when I check in and see what they're up to now.

A happy little mish mash of great stories, good times and groovy music.

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